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Golf Club

Club Activities

Not being willing to allow grass to grow under our collective feet, the Club has been involved in a number of major projects in the last six months:

‘Noise Off’ – a Milton Follies production – was recorded using our four camera technique and edited by Geoff Smith. This was a technically difficult editing job due to the rapidity of movement and change occurring on stage during the production.

‘The Entertainers 2013’ celebrating their 25th Anniversary show – again recorded using multiple cameras and edited by Geoff Smith.

“Pinocchio” – a Milton Follies production for children – was recorded in the usual way and edited by Frank McLeod.

Big 4 (Burrill Lakes) Makai Kayaking Weekend – Held in July 2013, this rather arduous undertaking involved a large crew of camera operators – Geoff Smith, Sandra & Ken Dodimead, Paul Gurrier-Jones, Allan Begg and Frank McLeod – positioned at various locations around the Big 4 Park on Burrill Lakes with all contributions being collated and edited by Frank McLeod