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July 2007

For a small club, the Milton Ulladulla Video Club is pretty busy. Some of the projects completed in the twelve months to the end of July 2007 include:

1. A nine minute promotional Whale Watching Video for a local tour business, involving a couple of exciting boat trips on Jervis Bay.

Screen grab of Whale Watching video
Screen grab of Whale Watching video

Rare footage was caught of a pod of pygmy killer whales, which was sent on to marine biologists at Sydney University for further study.

2. The awarding of the inaugural and now annual Phillip Lefevre Memorial Video of the Year, won in its first year by experienced club member, John Collins, with a 6 minute travel video. All members are encouraged to produce a short video for this event, and the club has a Christmas dinner and viewing.

3. A group recording of the New Years Eve fireworks display over Ulladulla Harbour. Again using synchronised cameras, the initial brief was to record the display for the fireworks operator so that he could examine his effects from a distance.

New Years Eve Ulladulla 2006
New Years Eve Ulladulla 2006

4. Hosting the April bi-annual combined meeting between The Wollongong Camera Club Video Group, the Shoalhaven Movie and Mulitmedia group and MUVC held at the Nowra School of Arts. As a warm up for the meeting, MUVC produced a blue screen production starring its junior member, Sophie, as a superhero, arriving late for the meeting.

Screen grab of Sophie as SuperHero

MUVC also funded TV producer and filmmaker, John Westwood, of Redgum Television, Queensland, to fly down for this meeting. He gave an inspiring account of his early days as an amateur video maker, and his subsequent successes in TV and film making.

5. A multi-camera shoot of the two hour-plus 2007 musical production variety show by “The Entertainers” group, this year called “Turn on the Radio”, which was staged at the Mollymook Golf club over a number of nights. This was the second year of recent times the club has recorded “The Entertainers.”

Local performers in "Turn on the Radio"
Local performers in "Turn on the Radio"

Advances in editing technology now allow the post-production synchronisation of the four cameras used. This meant that camera switching could occur with smooth changes to the viewing perspective, in a manner similar to that seen on commercial TV and during sports events, where the much more difficult, expensive and technology-dependent live switching is done.

6. A two act musical comedy, again recorded with multiple synchronised cameras, performed by the Milton Follies group and entitled “It Happened in Tanjablanca.” In this production, five cameras were used, with one fixed camera locked in place and four operator controlled. Although we would have liked to have a sound feed from the theatre mixing desk, this was not available to us. However, by combining the sound from a number of cameras, an adequate if not ideal sound was recorded. Such are the vagaries and quandaries of amateur video productions.

Cast of "It Happened in Tanjablanca"
Cast of "It Happened in Tanjablanca"

The club does charge for producing these videos, as a means of increasing its financial stability and ability to fund club events, equipment purchases or to pay for speakers (as mentioned above), but the prices are well below commercial rates. Club members freely volunteer their time and effort, and gain valuable experience in camera work and editing.