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Video of the Year

Each year members are encouraged to enter the anual club video competition.

The first prize is judged and awarded by another club. Also there is a members choice award and the John Lovell Encouragement Trophy.





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Video of the Year 2015

Gwen Lea was the 2015 winner with her film "Dianne".





Video of the Year 2013

Our Dear and Glorious Leader (aka ‘The Prez’), Tony Mann again managed to claim the Phillip Lefevre Trophy for VOTY 2014 with ‘Alaska’, his scenic record of a trip taken with his other half, Rita Glenn, through that part of the USA mid 2013. Tony also shared the People’s Choice Award with Gwen Lea whose entry was called ‘Exhibition’ and revealed aspects of the passion of those involved in model trains.


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Video of the Year 2012

The number of entries into the VOTY 2012 paralleled the increase in club membership in 2012 with members pushing their comfort boundaries and trying new and innovative ideas. Frank McLeod managed to slip across the line first in both VOTY and Peoples' Choice This then resulted in much murmurming about who donated what to which of the judges for this to occur.



John Lovell Encouragement Trophy - 2012

This year, Gwen Lea took home the John Lovell Trophy for her video about a vinatage steam engine, '704'. It received much well deserved prasie from this judges, who for the 2012 competition were from the ACT club.


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Video of the Year 2011

This year a newcomer to the club, Gulja Thielscher, brought a video breath of fresh air into the club and showed how creative a music video can be using a single camera and a lot of imagination. While new to our club, Gulja showed her experience in her winning video "Bennie James Sings". There was no doubt on the judges' part as to who deserved the top prize for this year.

Bennie James - We All Keep On Marching from Gulja Thielscher on Vimeo.

The Peoples Choice for 2011 went to Frank McLeod in part as a sympathetic gesture for his rising so early to record a day in the life of two strappers at Bede Murray's Racing Stables, Conjola, NSW.

John Lovell Encouragement Trophy - 2011

This was the first year that this prize was awarded. Created to acknowledge the contribution to the club by founding member and more recently Life MemberJohn Lovell, the trophy was beautifully made by our Treasurer, Howard Anderson, as a brass replica of a tripod, a design suggested by Tony Mann.

The in augural winner of the JLET for the year 2011 another new member, Bob Flynn. It was fitting that the prize was presented to Bobby the man after whom the tropy was named - John Lovell.

A first time entrant in any type of video competition, Bob impressed everyone with his video about a young English woman's entry into the Brompton Bicyle Race. Bob says that he was encouraged to enter by Tony Mann and used some of the techniques he picked up as a member to put this original footage in its final form.


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Video of the Year 2010

Frank McLeod was the fortunate winner of both the Video of the Year and People's Chioce with his nonsense video on hard-to-wash windows.

Wizard Window Washing from FrankMac59 on Vimeo.

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Video of the Year 2009

Tony Mann, Vice-President and long-standing member swept the pools this year with his movie 'Puffing Billy', winning both the coveted VOTY prize as judged by ACT club members and the People's Choice Award on the vote of those present at the annual Christmas Party when all entered movies were shown.


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Video of the Year 2008

Each year the club holds a Video of the Year competition, with members competing for the Phillip Lefevre Memorial Trophy. This year, the winning video by Frank McLeod - shown below - was also fortunate enough to take home the People's Choice Award. Serious challenges have already been issued for this year's competition.

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