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As a community based organisation, the club is often asked to film local events such as shows put on by Milton Follies and the Milton Ulladulla Entertainers. Over the years many or these videos have been produced.

This is a list of what the club has produced over the years for various organisations and community events.

1. Chooks on a Hot Tin Roof. A group of local Milton-Ulladulla women have grabbed this title for their ukelele group and asked our club to give them a YouTube presence. While some of the members were a little hesitant, especially in regard to the personal clips, they bravely went ahead and you can see the result somewhere about here:




This news period started off with a bang as Geoff Smith (with inspiration from his wife Maureen) wrote, directed and edited the Club’s effort to address the chosen subject “Change” as proposed at the earlier Combined Clubs Meeting. Wollongong, ACT, Shoalhaven and MUVC agreed on this subject but the interpretation and approach was left to each club to determine. Again, blushing modestly, MUVC gained a lot of accolades when the movie was shown at the subsequent combined meeting. Indeed it was suggested that our attempt – now called “A Penny’s Worth of Change” should be entered into Tropfest. (It was, but sadly did not get shortlisted. ‘We was robbed!’ say I!) Anyway let the reader make up his/her mind by watching and judging it for themselves.



Introduction to Blacksmithing

In late 2011, Frank McLeod went to visit some internet friends in the Clarence River Region where blacksmithing was a Men's Shed activity. Never one to miss an opportunity to wave a camera about, Frank shot a 30 minute video, uploading it to in three sections. Part 1 will link to the other two parts if you would enjoy seeing someone seriously abuse red hot steel.

Tropfest 2012 Action

One of our newest members, Gulja Thielscher is not letting her 2011 VOTY success slow her down.

 Recently Gulja was approached by a film production group in Sydney to do the post production work on a short film prepared for the 2012 Tropfest Short Film Festival.  As most people know, Tropes is the largest short film festival in the world, having spread internationally after starting from the Tropicana Café in Darlinghurst, Sydney about 20 years ago.

Gulja’s film tells the story of a recently married couple with a communication problem that they attempt to solve…in bed. It underlines aspects of the age old issues in male-female relationships.

Entries fo this year's Tropfest close on 12th January and the judges' deliberations should occur soon after that.. Gulja is now nervously waiting to see if the film is short listed amongst the finalists.

While the Festival rules prevent this video being shown beforehand, after the festival, you can expect to see it on our web site.

Good luck Gulja!