WARDEN HEAD LIGHTHOUSE CHALLENGE Monday September 14th 2020  9.00 AM For our recent Ulladulla Harbour Challenge we were asked to avoid the bad habits of amateurish zooming and panning, as well as capture the spirit of the harbour. For this challenge, the zooming and panning ban remains in place, and there is now the additional requirement to capture the complete environment that the lighthouse is situated in - from the micro to the macro. This may entail coverage of the small under-story plants (and possibly animals and birds) that are found on the headland, through to the varying heathland vegetation covering the headland, and finally finishing with wide seascapes up and down the coast. It is suggested that you start small and finish big, creating a sense of increasing grandeur as your three minutes progress (although this is not a requirement). The emphasis here is on the geographic splendor of the headland and its environment, but you may also wish to include some of the interesting history of the lighthouse, which can be found at: https://lighthouses.org.au/nsw/warden-head-lighthouse/ Another option could be to explore the people of the First Nations’ relationship with this headland. The choice is yours. Also note that there is no limit on the number and type of video cameras you may wish to use. A variety of cameras may allow you to capture varying aspects of the headland with differing emphases. But please do try to avoid using still images, as they often detract from the flow and rhythm of the video, although this is not mandatory, particularly if you pursue a historical approach.. The Challenge music being supplied (“Trailer Epic Action” by Roman Senyk) has a rhythm repeat of 3.23 seconds, so that means for a three minute movie (180 seconds) you may need 56 scenes. Unless of course you slow the pace down by doubling the rhythm repeat and making it 6.46 seconds. Up to you. But in any case, make sure you capture enough footage to be able to craft an engaging video with sufficient scenes to fill the three minutes. Better to have too much footage, with some finishing on the cutting room floor, than to not have enough to complete your video. Good luck with it, and see you on the day. Also remember, you are not limited to this particular day to capture your footage - feel free to visit the area either before or after our filed trip to capture as much footage as you like, and possibly to gather footage during differing weather conditions. And remember, the challenge will be judged on the following criteria, as always: Quality of camera work - steadiness, framing, exposure, creativity, use of natural light, lack of zooming and/or panning, etc. Quality of editing - tight scene length, crisp transitions, good rhythm/pace, removal of camera jitters and errors, exposure/colour adjustments in post, originality and relevance of script, quality of narration, sync of transitions to music beat, development of the story, effective title and credits, etc. AND FINALLY, remember that you are free to use this Challenge to gather footage for a VIDEO OF THE YEAR entry. If you decide to, then the music restriction is removed so that you can use any music you choose, and the time limit becomes the VOTY limit of course, which is six minutes. So, you can enter the Warden Head Challenge only, or the VOTY only, or BOTH. Good luck and good videoing.