PRESIDENTS REPORT  2020                                    1st October, 2020 As my three years in the position of President  comes to an end today, I would like to thank members for their support during this time. We are fortunate to have such a friendly & enthusiastic group of members in our Club. November 2019, we warmly welcomed Judy Johnson as a new member. Judy has had an interesting history of employment in the Television Industry. Also during November, several of our members participated in filming the Milton Follies production of `Evie & The Birdman`, which Tony Mann successfully edited. Once again, The Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club was the venue for our Christmas Party in December and as in previous years was a very enjoyable gathering. However on a disappointing note there were only three VOTY entries.   John Baker`s, video entitled, `Into Thick Air`  was the winner., with   Paul Gurrier-Jones winning The Peoples Choice Award, with his entry  entitled, `Our Horizontal Falls`.  Our Combined Meeting challenge video  `A Raw Deal` was entered into the Sydney Video Makers 2019 Viva VOTY competition where we achieved first place in the category of “Best External Video”, so that was a very satisfying  exciting result for the Club. This year, 2020 has presented us with a few challenges in relation to meetings.  Starting with our January meeting being cancelled due to the bush fires, which were devastating to the local area & personally effected a number of our members. Might I add, that as a result of those fires, John Baker made an excellent film on the  traumatic experiences relating to the fires titled “Happy New Year”. The opportunity arose for Neil, Sandra, Bob & Merinda to assist Anthony (Ash) Brennan, who is a Sydney based Professional Photographer filming footage for a Documentary to be produced on the Conjola Fires.  A wonderful opportunity for learning & promoting our Club.  Since the fires we have had Covid-19 which has prohibited us from meeting in large groups, consequently we have only been able to hold five meetings including todays.  We did manage to have a gathering for coffee at the Golf Club, and have also only held one Executive meeting during this past year. The Combined Meeting, which we were to host in March disappointingly, had to be cancelled also the one proposed for October/November. We did however commence filming for our Combined Meeting video challenge, entry entitled `Double Bogy` but due to social distancing re Covid-19 decided to put a hold on that. Thanks to Suzanne Sayers & Bill Lampard for the time that they have given. Not forgetting Kevin Richards who came up with the well written script. A huge thank you to John Baker who has organised TWO wonderful outings, firstly to the Ulladulla Harbour from which eight videos were produced & more recently to the Warden Head Lighthouse, which twelve members attended, thank you John for getting us motivated,  hopefully we may see at least  twelve video results from this outing. At last months meeting we welcomed Tash Busbridge as a visitor & today we welcome her to the Club as a new member. Tash recently moved to Lake Conjola & has been involved in video with her past employment .  I am sure that Tash will have new young ideas for us. Finally, GREAT THANKS to all members who shared their knowledge in Workshop Presentations, Bob  Flynn for Publicitity, Ken for Program & Events, not forgetting the wonderful & supportive Executive Committee. My hope & prayer for our Club this coming twelve months in spite of Covid-19 is that may we  continue with enthusiasm, meeting & producing videos, it is just up to us all. Thank you,   GWEN LEA