MILTON ULLADULLA VIDEOGRAPHY CLUB HOME VIDEOS NEWS CALENDAR WORKSHOPS CONTACT US FORMS PRIVATE              PUBLIC AT ITS 2019 AGM THE CLUB CELEBRATED ANOTHER OUTSTANDING YEAR At a well attended AGM, the club completed yet another great year, and started out on a fresh one with enthusiasm. VP Sandra Dodimead read aloud our President Gwen Lea’s report on the year completed, in which she acknowledged the many successes of the club, as well as the contributions made by so many members to its success. Click HERE to read her full report. The entire 2018/9 committee was re-elected unopposed, and by unanimous accord. Our appreciation and gratitude goes to all the committee members, as well as our best wishes for the year ahead. The committee elected is as follows: President: GWEN LEA Vice President: SANDRA DODIMEAD Secretary: TONY MANN Treasurer: HOWARD ANDERSON Publicity Officer: BOB FLYNN Program & Events: KEN DODIMEAD Webmaster: JOHN BAKER Competition Mgr: JO CALLAGHAN The weighty business needs to be covered. The meeting room was only just large enough. So many attended that we needed two rows to seat everyone. At the end of the meeting Geoff showed his editing work. A group photo after morning tea.  A great roll-up. Bob contemplates the whales breaching in the distance. What an absolutely first class location for our meetings. WOLLONGONG INTER-CLUB MEETING A SUCCESS Members from the usual four clubs attended, along with guest Ruskin Spiers from Sydney Video Makers club. Seven members from MUVC turned up on the day (October 26): Gwen, Sandra, Tony, Bob, Nick, Jo, and John B. There seemed to be a small canine ring-in smuggled in as well, although there was no audible evidence of it’s presence throughout proceedings. And, encouragingly, it was wearing the club’s mandatory black colours. The morning consisted to two presentations, the first being from Steve Piggott from Vitek Imaging Solutions. Steve spoke at length on their company’s range of tripods as well as light reflectors and diffusers. Following morning tea the speaker was a professional cinematographer named Glenn Hanns.  Glenn has had wide experience in movie- making and was a very informative and entertaining speaker.  His presentation was received very favourably. Following an excellent buffet lunch the various clubs’ entries into the “Crisis” challenge were shown, with MUVC being first up with ”A RAW DEAL” (Which is now available to watch. Go to “VIDEOS”). It’s fair to say that the standard of entry has improved considerably, possibly due to MUVC setting a high standard in the past.  Who knows? But...we will have to work smarter and harder next year to stay ahead of the pack!  Bring it on...! The next meeting is to be hosted by our very own MUVC, and details will be sorted in the near future. It was also decided that only one inter-club video challenge will be undertaken each year, as two would be too onerous. SouthWest will set the challenge topic for 2020, and entries will be shown at their hosting of the meeting in the second half of next year. President Gwen tries to establish order...and fails! A good roll-up of about 40 enjoyed an excellent day. Weighty matters being considered. An excellent buffet lunch was served. First class. John and Bob were banished to the Naughty Table during lunch. Definitely John’s fault.  Sorry Bob! All attendees from MUVC wore the mandatory black outfits!