MILTON ULLADULLA VIDEOGRAPHY CLUB Welcome to the HOME VIDEOS NEWS CALENDAR WORKSHOPS CONTACT US FORMS COMPUTER WORKSHOP A GREAT SUCCESS July 4th 2019 saw our monthly meeting include a talk from local computer expert Chris Bowler on computing requirements for effective video editing. Computers are of course the key ingredient in successful video editing, and as such it’s vital to keep abreast of advancements and minimum requirements. Chris detailed the minimum specifications needed to achieve fast editing. He outlined specs to look for when buying a new computer, or upgrading an existing one, and focused on these key areas: Processor types, and recommended speeds RAM (Random Access Memory) capacities, as well as speeds Hard Disc Drive capacities and issues to consider Solid State Drive benefits, speeds, costs, and capacities Graphics driver selection and speeds And much more... It was a first class workshop and we all learnt quite a bit, to say the least! Thanks very much Chris. OUR NEXT CALENDAR ITEM IS A PRESENTATION by our guest speaker David Chandler recently of Community radio UUU Nowra. Followed by lunch - With David JOIN US at our Monthly Meeting at Mollymook GolfClub. September 5th, 9.30AM start. OUR ENTRY IN THE 2019 INTER-CLUB VIDEO CHALLENGE IS NOW IN THE CAN! This year, the challenge topic is “CRISIS”, and can be no longer than ten minutes duration.  That’s the only restriction, so our MUVC entry has taken a slightly off-beat approach.  We hope it’ll be well received, even though it’s a little quirky. Cast and crew have now finished production, completing the shoot over two nights in July/August.  The final entry, entitled “A Raw Deal”, will be previewed by club members at our September meeting. Hopes are high for another excellent MUVC entry in the annual comp. After the first night’s shoot a well-deserved supper was enjoyed by everyone, grateful for the warmth of indoors after the cold of the “sound stage”. EDITING SECRETS REVEALED AT WORKSHOP At our August workshop John Baker covered a range if issues, but concentrated on the construction of an entertaining video using Magix Movie Edit Pro software.  He spent time explaining the value of snap points, and how they enhance editing, as well as scene length, management of audio tracks, and video fine tuning using contrast, colour saturation and hue, as well as sharpness and image stabilization. He emphasized the particularly important role that music plays in a video, and how the music should actually be the foundation of construction rather than the video...contrary to what you would expect. John explains the benefits of an action camera. Cast members Bill Lampard, Daniel Costello, and Ken Dodimead happy to have completed shooting on a cold and windy night. The entire cast and crew pleased with their efforts at the completion of the second night’s shooting. A grab from the movie, hinting at the style the club was aiming for.