WORKSHOPS JUNE COFFEE GATHERING A LETTER FROM THE M.U.V.C. SECRETARY Following the cancellation of the 31st COMBINED VIDEO CLUBS’ MEETING in March, due to effects of coronavirus and social distancing regulation. SouthWest Video Club has kindly forgone the hosting of the next Combined Meeting to allow Milton Ulladulla Videography Club to host the next Meeting. It is hoped that we will be able to hold the next Combined Meeting in October/ November 2020, although a date cannot be planned due to facilities being closed and release of Government regulations. The “VIDEO CHALLENGE THEME” will be “GRUMPY” .  We remind Clubs that a 10 minute limit will be given to each Club for their movie. We understand presently it will be a difficult period for filming due to social distancing, but over the coming months planning of storylines and scripts can be interesting for members to work on. It would be beneficial for all Clubs and members to put on their “creative caps” and come up with exciting or fun ideas for their videos. We will keep you informed of updates as they come to hand. Wishing members all the best over these times of isolation and keep safe. Regards Tony Mann Eleven members braved the beautiful sunny day to meet up for coffee for the first time since our March meeting. Smiles all round. Denyse was delighted to see some familiar faces, and sips a soy decaf Arabica espresso with a lemon twist! Paul has pen poised while he waits for his double-shot no-foam macchiato! Ken basks in the winter sun while waiting for his tall non-fat latte with a caramel drizzle! Neil, Tony, Paul, and Nick share an anecdote or two, not to mention a good serving of caffeine. The club was surprisingly free of other patrons. CLUB MEMBERS CREW FOR ASH BRENNAN PRODUCTION Sandra contemplates the intricacies of some serious camera gear. Neil looking very professional indeed. Many local residents have heart-rending stories to tell. A beautiful setting for filming elements of the production. Sandra working alongside Ash and his drone.